• Mosquito Management Around the Home

    There are several ways a homeowner can minimize the number of biting mosquitoes in their yards. One of the easiest and surest ways is to eliminate standing water. Mosquitoes cannot complete their lifecycle without water. 

    Some common breeding sources include:

    • Artificial containers that hold water (pails, tires, soda cans, jars, unused  
      flower pots, urns, etc.)
    • Bird baths
    • Clogged roof gutters
    • Pool covers
    • Stored boats and canoes (and tarps that cover them)
    • Water gardens
    • Abandoned swimming pools
    • Rot holes in trees and stumps

    Basically, any type of receptacle that catches rainwater!


    Steps to Reduce Breeding Sources in your Backyard

    Remove Standing Water!!!
    Make it a practice to flush bird baths, wading pools and watering troughs weekly. 

    Swimming pool filtering systems should be maintained. Abandoned pools should be drained, filled, or shocked with pool chemicals. 

    Ornamental pools and aquatic gardens can become breeding sources if the water is allowed to stagnate. Water should be changed frequently or an aerator can be installed. Homeowners can practice biological control by stocking minnows, such as Gambusia, Koi or Guppies, which will eat mosquito larvae. 

    Fill tree holes or rotting stumps with sand.

    Repair leaky pipes and outside faucets. Make certain that the areas under air conditioning units are not accumulating water.


    Tips for Avoiding Mosquito Bites

    1. Wear Light-colored clothing, along with long-sleeved shirts and long pants.
    2. Stay indoors during dawn, dusk and early evening when mosquitoes are more likely to bite.
    3. Maintain screens on doors and windows.
    4. Cover an infant seat or stroller with mosquito netting for extra protection.
    5. While outdoors, use a mosquito repellant. The CDC recommends products that contain DEET (do not use on infants), picaridin, and the plant-based oil of lemon eucalyptus (do not use on children under the age of three). Do not apply sunscreen and DEET, the two chemicals cancel each other out and become ineffective. Products containing permethrin (ex: Repel) should only be used on clothing

    For Additional Information on Repellants: 

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