A new Department of Energy Resources (DOER) white paper, "An MPG Rating for Commercial Buildings: Establishing a Building Energy Asset Labeling Program in Massachusetts," lays out a series of concepts and preliminary recommendations associated with the development of a commercial building energy asset rating and labeling program.

This proposal equates building labeling with the familiar car performance rating of miles per gallon (MPG), and continues Massachusetts' exploration of innovative and cost-effective solutions that reduce buildings' energy use, costs, and associated greenhouse gas emissions. It is designed to provide clear and actionable energy information about a building's potential energy performance, increase the value of good energy performance in the marketplace, and lead ultimately to greater uptake of efficiency investments.

Letter from DOER Commissioner, Phil Giudice pdf format of Asset_Rating_Report_Outreach_Letter.pdf

"An MPG Rating for Commercial Buildings: Establishing a Building Energy Asset Labeling Program in Massachusetts" pdf format of Asset_Rating_White_Paper.pdf
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Commercial Asset Rating White Paper Slides (from public meeting and webinar) pdf format of Commercial_Asset_Rating_White_Paper_PRESENTATIONl_

Public Comment Information

DOER solicited public comments on this document until February 14, 2011. Comments were also accepted at a public meeting, held on January 18 th and during a webinar, held on January 20 th, but only written comments are being posted.

After reviewing all comments and amending the strategy as appropriate, DOER expects to move forward with the development of a commercial building labeling pilot program, in collaboration with a number of stakeholders.

Below, are the public comments DOER received (in alphabetical order):

ABC A Better City pdf format of ABC A Better City.pdf

AGA Source Energy Oct 2009 pdf format of AGA Source Energy Oct 2009.pdf

ASHRAE pdf format of ASHRAE.pdf

Autodesk pdf format of Autodesk.pdf

Bright Power pdf format of Bright Power.pdf

Buonicore Partners pdf format of Buonicore Partners.pdf

Charlie Kalasinsky pdf format of Charlie Kalasinsky.pdf

City of Boston pdf format of City of Boston.pdf

City of Cambridge pdf format of City of Cambridge.pdf

COMNET pdf format of COMNET.pdf

David Shakespeare pdf format of David Shakespeare.pdf

Edison Electric Institute pdf format of Edison Electric Institute.pdf

Complementary material to the Edison Electric Comment:

  1. Bruce Swiecicki of NPGA (Proposal to IgCC) pdf format of Swiecicki of NPGA_Proposal to IgCC Energy WG - 603

  2. Building America Research Benchmark Definition (NREL) pdf format of NREL Bldg America Benchmark Jan 2010.pdf
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  3. EPA Site Source for Benchmark pdf format of EPA site_source for Benchmark Dec 2007.pdf

  4. AGA Source Energy Oct 2009 pdf format of AGA Source Energy Oct 2009.pdf

EPA pdf format of EPA.pdf

GBREB pdf format of GBREB.pdf


Jim Green pdf format of Jim Green.pdf

Karpman Consulting pdf format of Karpman Consulting.pdf

Life Energy Associates pdf format of Life Energy Associates.pdf

MASCO pdf format of MASCO.pdf
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NAIOP pdf format of NAIOP.pdf

NEEP pdf format of NEEP.pdf

New Building Institute pdf format of New Building Institute.pdf

Nexamp pdf format of Nexamp.pdf

Peter Papesch pdf format of Peter Papesch.pdf

Southern California Edison pdf format of Southern California Edison.pdf

The Weidt Group pdf format of The Weidt Group.pdf

This information is provided by the Department of Energy Resources.