The new Massachusetts Electric Vehicle Initiative (MEVI) grew out of the Electric Vehicle Roundtable – a meeting of over 90 stakeholders form both private and public organizations to discuss the future of electric vehicles for Massachusetts – held on March 7, 2013 in Boston. The Roundtable, co-sponsored by the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, the Department of Energy Resources’ Massachusetts Clean City Coalition and the Conservation Law Foundation, provided suggestions on incentives and outreach initiatives that the state needs to undertake to be a regional leader in EV deployment. MEVI will ensure on-going, active participation of stakeholders and Roundtable participants to accelerate the deployment of plug-in hybrid, battery, and fuel cell electric vehicles in the Commonwealth.

By implementing key initial programs and holding stakeholder meetings about additional policies, MEVI intends to greatly accelerate the number of clean vehicles registered in our state and make them easier to use.

The Massachusetts Electric Vehicle Task Force, co-chaired by Energy Undersecretary Barbara Kates-Garnick, Environment Undersecretary Maeve Vallely Bartlett, and DOER Commissioner Mark Sylvia, held its first meeting on September 30, 2013.  With participants from Green Communities, other state agencies, auto and charging station manufacturers and non-profit advocacy groups, the Task Force will assist the Commonwealth in its goal to increase electric vehicle sales. As a result of the first meeting, working groups focused on Incentives, Infrastructure and Education are being formed. Anyone interested in advising the Task Force or offering ideas may contact Once approved by the Task Force, minutes of the meetings will be posted under Publications and Reports.


Upcoming meetings –