On March 1, 2005, electric service in Massachusetts changed in accordance with the Electric Restructuring Act. By law, electricity customers who received Standard Offer Service were transferred to Basic Service.



Do I have any other options besides Basic Service?

Yes. As part of the Electric Restructuring Act , you have the option to purchase your electricity directly from a Competitive Supplier. There are a number of Competitive Suppliers currently serving business customers in Massachusetts. Click here for a list of Competitive Suppliers who are currently offering electricity to business customers.


What does it mean to choose a Competitive Supplier?

If you choose a Competitive Supplier, you will be purchasing your electricity supply from a company other than your current electric company. However, your current electric company will continue to deliver the electricity to your business.

There are four components to electric service:

  1. generation, the power plants that create the electricity supply that is transported to homes and facilities in Massachusetts;
  2. transmission, the wires and associated facilities that transport the electricity (at high voltage levels) from power plants to distribution substations;
  3. distribution, the wires and associated facilities that transport the electricity (at lower voltage levels) from distribution substations to customers' facilities and homes; and
  4. consumer services, which cover, among other things, metering, billing, and information services.

Prior to electric restructuring, these components were provided as monopoly services by electric companies, at prices that were fully regulated by the Department of Public Utilities (DPU). The Electric Restructuring Act opened the generation component to competition. Even if you choose to purchase electricity from a Competitive Supplier, the other components of electric service (transmission, distribution, and customer services) have not been opened to competition, meaning these components will continue to be provided by your existing electric company.


How do I find a Competitive Supplier for electricity in my area?

Click here to visit the DPU's website for a list of Competitive Suppliers in your area or call us at (617) 737-2836 for more information.

You may also contact your electric company directly (see below) for a list of Competitive Suppliers in your area serving business customers. In addition, several electric companies, in conjunction with Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM), plan to host a series of educational seminars and supplier forums around the state to provide businesses an opportunity to meet with suppliers and marketers directly. Contact your electric company or AIM for listing of dates and locations.


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What should I do if I cannot find a Competitive Supplier serving my area?

If you cannot find a Competitive Supplier serving your area, you may wish to check periodically to see if new Competitive Suppliers are entering the market in your area. We anticipate that the increased number of business consumers shopping for electricity will lead to an increase in the number of Competitive Suppliers serving business customers. The DPU remains committed to taking all reasonable steps to bring the benefits of competition to Massachusetts customers.


What if I am a residential customer?

Click here for information on residential electric service.


Where can I go for more information on electric restructuring and the electric energy market?

Below are a list of websites that provide information on Electric Restructuring and the workings of the electric energy market.

Electric Restructuring Act:
http://www.mass.gov/legis/laws/seslaw97/sl970164.htm (Chapter 164 of Acts and Resolves of 1997)

http://www.mass.gov/legis/laws/mgl/gl-164-toc.htm (G.L. c. 164)

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Division of Energy Resources:

Independent System Operator - New England:

Renewable Energy Generation: Massachusetts Clean Energy Center:

Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnership:

National Consumer Law Center:


This information is provided by the Department of Public Utilities