Basic Service

Overview of basic service and view your electric distribution company rates.

Application for a Competitive Supplier or Electricity Broker License

Application for a new license, a license renewal, and how to submit a motion for confidential treatment.

Helpful Resources for Competitive Suppliers and Electricity Brokers

Information on license application, supplier and broker training schedule, reporting requirements, and more

Helpful Resources for Consumers Regarding Electric Competitive Supply

Helpful resources for consumers including a list of approved competitive suppliers and brokers.

Electric Customer Migration Data

Monthly tables illustrating the migration of electric power customers in Massachusetts from incumbent generation sources to competitive generation sources since March 1, 1998.

Electric Competitive Supplier and Broker Legislation and Regulations

Legislation and regulations governing competitive electric suppliers and brokers as well as required market reports.

Purchase of Receivables

Information on the purchase of receivables, a program intended to mitigate the risk that competitive suppliers bear regarding nonpayment by their customers

Standard Offer Service

Information on the standard offer service, a transition service available to distribution company customers from 1998-2004