Beginning in March 1998 all Massachusetts consumers; residential, commercial, and industrial, could choose to buy electricity from a competitive retail supplier or continue to receive generation from their distribution company called Basic/Default Service. The delivery of electricity remained with the distribution companies.  The split of services is called Electric Deregulation or Restructuring. 

Understanding Electric Deregulation; summary of Massachusetts electricity market and what it means for consumers and businesses

Useful Definitions:  explanations of the electric industries’ frequently used terms for deregulation/restructuring. 

Reading Your Bill: Understanding the terms and items listed on your electric bill

Disclosure Labels:  required information provided by Competitive Suppliers including emissions and energy sources used in electric generation. 

Choosing a Supplier: List of licensed and active competitive suppliers in MA for each electric distribution company

Consumer Rights: information from the Department of Public Utilities on consumer protections for utility customers; also Who to Call to report issues and problems. 

Electric Rates: Current and historical Basic/Default Service Rates published by MA DPU

Electric Customer Migration Data:  MA DOER monthly update of how many customers are on Competitive Supply vs. Basic Service (distribution company service). 

Laws and Regulations: related to Electric Deregulation (Restructuring)

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