On February 20, 1998, the Massachusetts Department of Telecommunications and Energy ("Department") issued its "Rules Governing the Restructuring of the Electric Industry," 220 C.M.R. 11.00 et seq. The issuance of these rules culminated a three-year process during which the Department, along with the Legislature, other state agencies (most notably, the Attorney General and the Division of Energy Resources), and key industry participants, developed the guidelines that would govern the restructured industry.


  • DPU 96-100 Order issued 12/30/96 ,
    Titled "Electric Industry Restructuring Plan: Model Rules and Legislative Proposal"
      • Order
      • Appendix A - "Model Rules"
      • Appendix B - "Proposed Legislation"
      • Appendix C - "DPU 95-30 Executive Summary/Principles"
      • Appendix D - "Key Words Index"
      • Appendix E - "DPU 96-100 List of Commenters"
      • Appendix F - "Standards of Conduct for Distribution Companies and their Competitive Affiliates (from DPU 96-44)"
      • Appendix G - "Consumer Education Advisory Task Force Report"
      • Appendix H - "Abbreviations and Acronyms"
      • Appendix I - "Order Setting A Procedural Schedule"
  • DPU 96-100 Order issued 5/1/96
    This Order accompanied a draft version of the Department's proposed restructuring regulations. Comments were solicited on these proposed regulations.
    • Attachment A - draft version of the Department's proposed restructuring regulations.
    • To view filings submitted as part of DPU/DTE 96-100, click here then enter 96-100 as the DOCKET NUMBER and click GO,
  • DPU 95-30 Order issued 8/15/95
    This Order established the Department's restructuring principles.
    • To view filings submitted as part of  DPU 95-30, click here, then enter 95-30 as the DOCKET NUMBER and click GO.
  • DPU 95-30 "Notice of Inquiry and Order Seeking Comments on Electric Industry Restructuring," issued 2/10/95

This information is provided by the Department of Public Utilities

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