Pursuant to Section 60 of the Green Communities Act,  electric distribution companies (“EDCs”) are required to purchase the accounts receivables of competitive suppliers that have chosen the complete billing method and that serve customers in the EDCs’ service territories.  The Purchase of Receivables (“POR”) program is intended to mitigate the risk that competitive suppliers bear regarding nonpayment by their customers, thus avoiding the need for suppliers to undertake costly credit screening and selective enrollment processes, particularly for their small commercial and residential customers.  A POR program mitigates such risk by establishing a discount rate at which the electric distribution companies purchase the receivables of competitive suppliers.  The expectation is that implementation of a POR program will reduce the barriers that competitive suppliers face in seeking entry into the competitive market, thereby increasing the number of market participants and enhancing retail competition.

Open and Closed Purchase of Receivables Docket

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D.P.U. 10-53Investigation Regarding Purchase of ReceivablesClosed




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