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New guidelines and standards now allow you to incorporate energy education into your existing lesson plans. No need to create new lessons or make large revisions. You can use examples from clean energy, energy efficiency, climate change, or other topics to integrate different aspects of your STEM lessons and make science lessons more interesting and relevant.  

Experienced STEM / clean energy educators contributed this methodology.

Step 1: Identify energy topics that might relate to your STEM lesson 

STEM Lesson

Related Energy Topic

The AtmosphereHow greenhouse gases in the atmosphere affect climate change
Carbon cycleClimate change
Chemical compoundsGreenhouse gas examples
Climate patternsClimate change
Ecosystems and adaptation of organisms to their environmentEffects of fossil fuel waste products on the environment and organisms
Engineering projectsConstruct a wind turbines or solar panels
Mantle convectionGeothermal energy
Ocean currentsWave power
Photosynthesis - energy production by plantsDescribe how humans use plant energy in the form of biofuels
Rotational MotionWind turbines
The SunClimate change, solar energy
Thermodynamics/heatSolar energy
The Water CyclePotential for hydropower in rivers and streams
Weather patternsHow varying wind levels enable the use of wind energy in different parts of the U.S.

Step 2: 

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