DOER is collaborating with partners to pilot building energy ratings and establish related, common sense labels for both residential homes and commercial office buildings.

Why are we doing this? We and others believe that  building owners do not sufficiently invest in cost-effective opportunities to improve the energy efficiency of residential and commercial properties.  This lack of action is due in part to insufficient information about the energy performance of buildings. Unlike a car's miles-per-gallon (MPG) rating, there is no common energy label to inform you about energy use when you buy a house or lease an office.  
Home MPG logo   Our "Home MPG " residential labeling pilot is a joint venture with several electric and gas utility companies in eight communities in Western Massachusetts: National Grid, Northeast Utilities (WMECO) and Columbia Gas. All are part of the Mass Save statewide energy efficiency program. Building Asset Rating template   Our commercial office rating pilot is a collaboration with the City of Boston, the City of Cambridge and a number of major property management firms in the Greater Boston area.