Massachusetts has high energy costs, and just 10% of the hours per year, the peak hours when consumers are using the most, account for 40% of Massachusetts’ energy costs.. The electricity generated during these few days also comes from the highest-emission power plants. DOER is working to reduce the amount of energy used at times of peak demand in order to reduce the cost of energy to consumers and minimize the amount of greenhouse gases associated with our energy use.

Peak Demand Reduction Grant Program

The Peak Demand Reduction Grant Program is a $4.5 million DOER initiative designed to test strategies for reducing Massachusetts’ energy usage at times of peak demand. $1.5 million is being used to fund projects designed to defer investment in energy transmission and distribution systems. An additional $3 million will be used to fund projects designed to address all aspects of peak demand including transmission and distribution investment, wholesale capacity markets, and customer demand charges.

The grant opportunity has been posted on COMMBUYS. Questions about the opportunity must be submitted via COMMBUYS by July 29th, 2016.  Applications must be submitted online by 5pm on August 26, 2016. Dates are subject to change.