EFSB 14-3980 CMR  2.08 & G.L. c.30A, §88/14/14Supplemental Advisory Ruling
UMASS Amherst980 CMR 2.08 & G.L. c.30A, §88/20/12Advisory Ruling
Bear Swamp Power Company, LLC980 CMR 2.07 (jurisdiction).6/13/08Final Advisory Ruling pdf format of 61308final_advisory_rul.pdf
Peabody Power LLC980 CMR § 2.07 (jurisdiction)7/04Action by Consent pdf format of 74pparul.pdf
UAE Lowell Power980 CMR § 3.02(7) (jurisdiction)6/00Action by Consent pdf format of uaelowellabc.pdf
Massachusetts Development Finance Agency980 CMR § 3.02(7) (jurisdiction)8/00Action by Consent pdf format of mdfaabc.pdf
Infrastructure Development Corp.980 CMR § 3.02(7) (alternative site review)9/16/97Final Advisory Ruling pdf format of infdevco.pdf


This information is provided by the Energy Facilities Siting Board

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