• Bio-Dynamics LLC Technology Assessment Report pdf format of 			Bio-Dynamics LLC Technology Assessment Report

    Report on Fertilizer Manufacturing Through Enhanced Autothermal Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion (ATAD).
  • ECO Fire Ignition System Technology Assessment pdf format of 			ECO Fire Ignition System Technology Assessment

    Technology Review of Advanced ECO-FIRE (tm) Single Coil Capacitive Discharge Distributor Ignition System by Combustion Electromagnetic Incorporated.
  • Energy Transition Technology Assessment pdf format of 			Energy Transition Technology Assessment

    Energy Transition Technology, Inc. (ETTI) is a Massachusetts-based company established in 1996 to design and market a Turbo Charger Gas Turbine (TCGT) engine. TCGT engines are low pressure, ultra-lean burn, highly recuperated gas turbine engines designed to burn gas from solid waste landfills and generate electricity.
  • Metasys ECO II Technology Assessment pdf format of 			Metasys ECO II Technology Assessment

    The Economy System Type 2 (ECO II) dental amalgam separator was developed by the Metasys Group, headquartered in Austria. It is certified under ISO 9001 standards to remove mercury amalgam from dentist offices.
  • Polyguard Technology Assessment pdf format of 			Polyguard Technology Assessment
	file size 1MB

    PolyGuard (TM) is a granular absorption media used to remove hydrocarbon contaminants from liquid and vapor streams.
  • SimulProbe Technology Assessment pdf format of 			SimulProbe Technology Assessment

    The SimulProbe (R) is an apparatus designed for simultaneous subsurface gathering of soil and fluid (gas and aqueous) developed by SimulProbe Technologies, Inc.
  • Site Watch Technology Assessment pdf format of 			Site Watch Technology Assessment

    SiteWatch is a microprocessor-based system for maintaining and analyzingUnderground Storage Tank (UST) information developed by Environmental Management Technologies, Inc.
  • Stormceptor Technology Assessment pdf format of 			Stormceptor Technology Assessment

    Stormceptor (R) system is a proprietary stormwater treatment technology.
  • StormTreat Technology Assessment pdf format of 			StormTreat Technology Assessment

    The StormTreat system is unique stormwater treatment technology.
  • Suparator Thin Film Oil Recovery Technology Assessment pdf format of 			Suparator Thin Film Oil Recovery Technology...

    The Suparator (R) is capable of recovering thin films of floating oil by utilizing the specific gravity differential between oil and water useful in process water use and subsequent wastewater treatment.
  • Twin Rivers Technology Assessment pdf format of 			Twin Rivers Technology Assessment

    Twin Rivers Technology, Inc. manufactures, markets and distributes biodiesel, an alternative fuel that can be made from natural animal and vegetable oils.
  • Vortechs Technology Assessment pdf format of 			Vortechs Technology Assessment
	file size 1MB

    The Vortechs (tm) Stormwater Treatment System is a proprietary stormwater treatment system.
  • VRTX Technology Assessment pdf format of 			VRTX Technology Assessment

    The VRTX technology, manufactured by A.W. Chesterton Corporation, can effectively prevent scaling, corrosion, and biological fouling in cooling tower systems without the addition of chemicals. The use of this technology replaces a traditional chemical treatment maintenance program for cooling towers.
  • Acid Recovery System Technology Assessment pdf format of 			Acid Recovery System Technology Assessment

    The Acid Recovery System, developed by Zero Discharge Technologies, Inc., uses diffusion dialysis membrane technology to effectively recover mineral acids for reuse.
  • Mercury Capture Technology Assessment pdf format of 			Mercury Capture Technology Assessment

    Assessment of several promising technologies for the capture and removal of mercury wastewater generated by hospital clinics and research labs.