MassEnergyInsight is an essential tool to help communities make sound decisions and take actions to maximize energy efficiency.

The Department of Energy Resources (DOER) offers MassEnergyInsight free to cities, towns, and other local and regional governmental entities such as school districts, drinking water districts and regional wastewater treatment plants. This web-based tool provides access to energy information for multiple uses.



Streetlights & Traffic Lights

Drinking Water & Wastewater Treatment and Pumping

MassEnergyInsight enables cities and towns to perform key energy management tasks:

  • Develop an energy use baseline
  • Examine energy use by departments and by fuel type
  • Forecast energy budgets
  • Show the results of energy efficiency investments
  • Develop a greenhouse gas emissions inventory
  • Facilitate communication and awareness about energy use
  • Generate reports for stakeholders

The Overall Use and Emissions report shows energy use by the length of the bar and greenhouse gas emissions by the width of the bar. Fuel type is indicated by color: blue for electricity, orange for heating oil, and green for natural gas.

MassEnergyInsight enables building and account-level energy analysis:

  • Benchmark building performance
  • Identify priority targets for energy efficiency investments
  • Demonstrate the results of energy efficiency investments


The Building Dashboard report shows monthly energy use by bars
and a long-term annual energy use trendline.

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This information is provided by the Department of Energy Resources.