A web service now enables knowledge sharing, collaboration, and networking among members of the Massachusetts Municipal Energy Group. Designed for individuals involved in municipal and school district energy and sustainability activities in Massachusetts, the online community is funded by a grant from the Department of Energy Resources’ (DOER) Green Communities Division, owned by cities, towns and regional entities, and administered by the Massachusetts Municipal Association (MMA).  

If you would like to join the MMEG community, please email Victor Nascimento with your full name, title and organization name.

Hundreds of registered users take advantage of the site, including local officials from cities and towns of all sizes and representatives of DOER and other governmental agencies. Enrollment is open anyone involved in municipal clean energy initiatives.

For cities and towns with little experience in clean energy, MMEG provides a place to ask questions of peers in municipalities with expertise about how best to approach energy projects. Through MMEG, municipalities can stay up-to-date on clean energy grants, policy changes, energy-related financial issues, outreach and other topics. Compared to email, it is a more efficient and manageable way to share knowledge.

MMEG enables members to ask questions, share files, respond to discussion threads, access online streams of energy news, post events to a community calendar and conduct community surveys.

To ensure that MMEG benefits municipalities exclusively, membership is “by invitation only” based on users’ affiliations. Interactions through the site – moderated by experienced clean energy professionals – require attribution to ensure transparency, accountability and professionalism. MMEG also has strict rules against using the site for marketing purposes.

MMEG builds on social networking elements that include individual customizable profile pages and the option to add direct links to social media pages (e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter). Beyond an elegant and easy to use interface, MMEG is organized by topic (e.g. Renewable Energy; Grants, Incentives and Proposals; Energy Efficiency; Supply and Procurement) and uses a five star rating system for resources. These features make it easy for users to browse information by subject, sorted by rating.

MMEG can save time and effort to enable a more direct path to clean energy success for your city or town. 

MMEG screen shot