For Immediate Release - December 16, 2010

Public Officials' Quotes on New Green Communities Designations

BOSTON - December 16, 2010 - The following public officials provided comments on the Department of Energy Resources' designation of 18 new Green Communities today.

"I'm pleased to see the administration recognize and support Williamstown's efforts to become a Green Community, thereby saving taxpayers money and ensuring that scarce dollars are spent on providing services, not simply paying electricity bills," said Senator Benjamin B. Downing.

"These communities are at the forefront of the state's efforts to bring about a clean energy future," said Senator Stan Rosenberg. "My congratulations to all the communities and all the people who made these awards possible."

"Over the past few years, the city of Newburyport has sought to become a leader in the Green Communities and clean energy movement and this designation accomplishes that," said Senator Steven A. Baddour. "This grant money will allow the city to further its numerous energy efficiency projects and continue its efforts to provide the next generation with a clean environment. "

"Medway's designation as a Green Community demonstrates the town's continued commitment to improving its community for both its businesses and its residents. I applaud them for taking advantage of the opportunity to encourage renewable energy, increase energy efficiency and to ensure the town can benefit from the Green Communities Grant Program," said Senator Karen Spilka.

"I am thrilled that Watertown and Boston will receive these important funds as a result of their qualification as Green Communities and that this money will be used to complete important renewable energy projects," said Senator Steven A. Tolman. "State support for increased energy efficiency and for renewable energy projects is key to the continued success of Massachusetts' business and to improving its residents' quality of life. The Green Community funds also come at a time of financial strain for Boston and Watertown, and for municipalities across the state."

"I commend the leadership of the Green Communities of Easton and Milton, along with the Patrick administration, for their dedication to energy savings, fuel efficiency and improving the overall health of our environment," said Senator Brian A. Joyce.

"This is great news for Harvard and Marlborough - these communities should be proud to have earned the Green Community designation. Making public buildings more energy efficient is a no-brainer - it saves money and reduces pollution. Harvard and Marlborough's participation in the Green Communities program will help them manage rising energy costs at a time when every municipal dollar counts, while reducing pollution and carbon emissions," said Senator James Eldridge.

"This is exciting news for the city of Gardner and I want to recognize Mayor Hawke and the city for their extraordinary activism in the renewable energy and energy efficiency arena. There is no more important time than now to capture and preserve our dwindling resources," said Senator Jennifer Flanagan.

"I congratulate the town of Dedham for being designated a Green Community. Dedham has demonstrated a genuine commitment to advancing enhanced energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. The town has been leading the way in energy efficiency for the entire Commonwealth with the first truly 'green' middle school and the approval of the Dedham Local Climate Action Plan," said Senator Marian Walsh.

"The Patrick Murray administration has been a leader on energy and environmental issues through programs like the Green Communities Act," Senator Patricia Jehlen said. "The town of Winchester has also been a great leader on these issues. Their forward thinking efforts on energy savings has created significant savings for the town and has qualified them for this well deserved grant."

"Medway's designation as a Green Community is indicative of the town's commitment to fostering a more energy efficient, cost-effective community," said Representative James E. Vallee, House Majority Leader. "I congratulate the town of Medway for its work on not only a local level to lower energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions, but also from a global perspective. This is a step toward reducing our overall dependency on oil in the long run."

"I am pleased to see that Gloucester has been designated a 'Green Community.' Not only does this designation open a new chapter in environmental stewardship, but this also provides a gateway to innovative funding opportunities and economic development," said Representative Anne-Margaret Ferrante.

"I am pleased that Secretary Bowles has recognized Scituate for its hard work," Representative James Cantwell said. "This designation puts Scituate in an excellent position to apply for future grants, as it continues to make great strides in finding ways to be more creative, innovative, and green with its use - and more importantly - conservation of energy."

"I would like to congratulate Harvard for being designated as a Green Community," said Representative Jennifer Benson. "Harvard has been a leader in implementing green technology, preserving open space, and promoting energy efficiency and it deserves recognition for its tireless efforts."

"I want to congratulate the city of Newburyport for being recognized as a Green Community. I know that Mayor Donna Holaday and many other people worked hard to make this possible. The city will now be eligible for state grant money to enable renewable energy and energy efficiency initiatives. These initiatives will benefit residents with costs savings and will benefit the environment," said Representative Michael Costello.

"I am very glad to see Milton, along with the city of Boston, earn the Green Community designation. This distinction opens doors for local renewable power and energy efficient projects. Cities and towns must continue to work together to meet municipal and state clean energy goals, and this is a big step forward in the right direction," said Representative Linda Dorcena Forry.

"Being named a Green Community is a great testament to the Milton community for its strong commitment to preserving our environment. This is possible due to the efforts of the citizens of Milton as exemplified by Sustainable Milton," said Representative Walter Timilty.

"Greening the community brings back green dollars," said Representative Angelo M. Scaccia.

"I was so pleased to hear that Gardner will be able to take advantage of this wonderful program. Energy efficiency is one of the most effective ways for a community to save financial and natural resources during these difficult economic times. I applaud both the Patrick Administration and Gardner's community leaders for working together to make this project a reality," said Representative Robert L. Rice, Jr.

"I am very pleased that New Salem has earned the Green Community designation, and will be receiving state funds for implementing its energy conservation and renewable resources plan. New Salem's initiative shows that small towns can lead the way to innovative, community-based solutions to our energy and environmental challenges, and I congratulate the town for its vision and enthusiasm for a greener energy future," said Representative Stephen Kulik.

"The announcement of Williamstown as a Green Community represents the fruits of many years of labor by countless members of the community," said Representative Daniel Bosley. "This designation not only puts a name on what many in Williamstown have already felt and known, but also qualifies the town to receive grants to create and expand green programs locally."

"It's wonderful news that Watertown has been designated a Green Community. The Town Council, the Town Manager and his staff, and many residents have worked very hard to put in place guidelines and practices to reduce energy consumption and encourage the development and use of renewables. Designation as a Green Community is well-deserved recognition of their efforts and will also create further opportunities for Watertown to contribute to an energy future that is good for our environment, our economy, and our national security," said Representative Jonathan Hecht.

"I'm thankful that Governor Patrick and Secretary Bowles have designated Scituate as a Green Community," said Representative Garrett Bradley. "This grant will give Scituate an opportunity to fund energy-efficient improvements and will allow the town to become a clean energy leader on the South Shore."

"Easton should be congratulated for being named a Green Community. It is a great honor and testament to the hard work the town has put forth," said Representative Geraldine Creedon.

"I would like to thank the Patrick-Murray Administration and EOEEA Secretary Ian Bowles for recognizing the City of Boston with this designation. This grant opportunity is a big step in ensuring a healthy future for the children of the city," said Representative Martin Walsh.

"Our Green Communities are creating a win-win for Massachusetts. They are leading the way to a more sustainable future while spurring the economy through increased demand for clean tech products," said Representative Carolyn Dykema. "I'm so pleased the state is partnering with towns like Medway and providing needed grant funding. The grants that come with this designation couldn't come at a better time, since they will help green cities and towns invest in energy efficiency and ease the pressure on local budgets."

"This exciting designation is a giant step in helping to realize the many important green initiatives that have been envisioned by the town of Swampscott. Being a green community is good economic and environmental policy," said Representative Lori Ehrlich.

"Congratulations to the town of Wayland for joining a small but growing group of municipalities in our Commonwealth dedicated to lowering energy usage and utilizing renewable energy ideas to preserve our environment. All residents of Wayland should thank those in town management who made this possible," said Representative Thomas Conroy.

"I am proud to hear that Watertown will be named one of the Commonwealth's Green Communities," Rep. Peter Koutoujian said. "They have worked hard for this designation and will benefit greatly from the access it provides to clean energy and energy efficient grants."

"Boston has initiated some of the most aggressive energy and environmental policies and earned recognition as one of the greenest large cities in the country," said Mayor Thomas M. Menino. "I am eager to take these efforts to the next level with the continued support of the Patrick administration as part of the Green Communities program."

"On behalf of the city of Newburyport, I want to express our delight in achieving the designation of Green Community. It was truly a collaborative effort led by Molly Ettenborough, Energy Coordinator, involving staff, City Councilors, and community members. The five required elements served to generate broad educational experience and will serve as a baseline for our future work," said Mayor Donna D. Holaday.

"The City of Gloucester is delighted to be designated as a Green Community," said Gloucester Acting Mayor Jacqueline Hardy. "The city's recently formed Clean Energy Commission under the leadership of Chairman Sam Cleaves greatly assisted in shepherding our application through the process. We are now positioned to take advantage of the opportunities that this funding source will afford the community as we continue our path toward maintaining our Green Community status."