• Heating & Cooling Energy Savings Resources

  • Heating Oil

    Learn about heating oil prices, delivery tips, contracts, maintenance and find local heating oil dealers.
  • Propane

    View propane pricing, learn more about how pricing works and locate propane dealers.
  • Electric

    Contains electric market data as well as electric deregulation information. Learn about restructuring, service and suppliers.
  • Natural Gas

    Find information about natural gas pricing, suppliers and safety.
  • Wood

    As heating prices rise, wood becomes a popular alternative for consumers as either a supplemental or primary heat source.
  • Maintenance Issues

    Learn about annual maintenance needed for your heating system.
  • Homeowner Oil Heating System Upgrade and Insurance Law

    Effective July 1, 2010.
  • Safety Issues

    Your personal and home's safety with information on carbon monoxide, fire prevention for wood stoves, chimneys, space heaters and other fire tips. Also includes tips on what to do during winter storms, power outages and other related emergencies.
  • US DOE Energy Savers

    Learn about saving energy and other important energy information at the US Dept. Of Energy's new Energysavers: Stay Warm, Save Money (www.energysavers.gov) website. Featured information includes energy saving and investment tips as well as downloadable Energy Savers Booklet (Tambien en Espanol).