• Heating Oil Price Survey for August 22, 2017

    Heating oil state-wide survey.

  • Oil Heat Contracts Tips  pdf format of Oil Heat Contracts Tips

    What to look for when shopping for fixed and capped price contracts.
  • Heating Oil Co-ops

    You may consider joining an oil cooperative (co-op). Co-ops often save their members money on their oil and other services, such as energy efficiency services. They may offer discounts to low-income customers. Many co-ops also offer discount membership fees for senior citizens.

    Click on the Co-op links to find one that serves your area

  • Learn About Residential Heating

    Heating oil is a petroleum product used by many Americans to heat their homes. Historically, heating oil prices have fluctuated from year to year and month to month, generally being higher during the winter months when demand is higher. To understand the reasons for these price variations, consumers need to understand how heating oil is used and how and where it is produced.
  • Oil Burner Maintenance Tip Sheet  pdf format of Oil Burner Maintenance Tip Sheet

    Maintenance tips for oil heat users provided by the Department of Energy Resources.
  • Oil/Propane Delivery Tips

    The Massachusetts Division of Standards regulates the delivery of heating oil and propane to your home. Report any violations to the Division.
  • File a Complaint with the Attorney General

    The Attorney General's Consumer Hotline, (617) 727-8400, is staffed with trained professionals who will review your complaint and determine whether it is appropriate for a free, voluntary mediation service we provide, or whether to direct you to another government agency or other resource. If the complaint is one we believe we may be able to assist you with, the Consumer Hotline staff will attempt to contact the business or other organization on your behalf to see if the matter can be resolved outside of court.
  • SHOPP Reports

    Annual summaries of what happened with Massachusetts heating oil and propane prices and supplies during the heating season.