• About Advanced Biofuels

    Advanced biofuels are generally derived from non-food-based feedstocks and yield at least 50% lifecycle reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared with fossil fuels.
  • Massachusetts Advanced Biofuels Mandate links to PDF file

    The Department of Energy Resources (DOER) has announced a suspension of the formal requirements of the Advanced Biofuels Mandate for heating oil and transportation diesel fuel and instead will establish a voluntary program.
  • Clean Energy Biofuels Act

    The Clean Energy Biofuels Act was signed in 2008 to encourage the growth of an advanced biofuels industry in Massachusetts, as part of the state's growing clean energy technology sector.
  • Moving the Commonwealth to Biofuels

    Massachusetts has set the stage for making the transition from fossil fuels to biofuels in diesel and No.2 oil-fired applications.