• About Biomass

    Biomass is derived from organic plant and animal material, such as wood, crops, landfill gas, solid waste, and alcohol fuels.
  • Home Heating with Biomass

    As heating prices rise, wood becomes a popular alternative for consumers as either a supplemental or primary heat source.

  • Biomass Incentive Programs

    DOER currently has several incentive programs that are targeted at increasing the adoption of Biomass technology across the Commonwealth.

  • Renewable Portfolio Standard - Biomass Policy Regulatory Process

    DOER has published its final regulation (225 CMR 14.00) pertaining to the eligibility of woody biomass energy for the state’s Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (RPS) Class I program. This publication brings to an end the moratorium on qualification of woody biomass units for the RPS Class I program which has been in place since December 2009.
  • Developing the Sustainable Biomass Industry in Massachusetts

    DOER is currently dedicated to investigating the potential for biomass energy derived from Massachusetts, achieved through sustainable forestry practices.

  • Advanced Biofuels

    Advanced biofuels are liquid fuels that are generally derived from non-food-based feedstocks and yield a lifecycle reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of at least 50% compared with fossil fuels.
  • Publications & Reports