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Do the Northeast States' air emission regulations and safety certifications for residential and institutional-scale biomass boilers and furnaces pose a barrier to the creation of a viable northeast market for domestic and non-U.S. biomass heaters and boilers? If so, what strategic actions could be taken to reduce barriers and create a more attractive regional market for high performance biomass boilers, manufactured domestically or abroad? DOER, in coordination with the Northeast States, contracted the Coalition of Northeast Governors (CONEG) Policy Research Center, Inc. to develop a report that presents an objective analysis on these issues.

The Commonwealth seeks to prioritize existing commercial, residential and agricultural outdoor hydronic heaters (OHH), also known as outdoor wood boilers, which require replacement and provide replacement funding.

MA Sustainable Forest Bioenergy Initiative
The Sustainable Forest Bioenergy Initiative will facilitate the development of biomass energy projects and fuel supply infrastructure in the Commonwealth.