• Section 83A Long Term Contract Carve-out Determination links to PDF file

    With this determination, DOER specifies which renewable energy technologies meet the criteria of the carve-out of the long term contracts requirement pursuant to Section 83A of the Green Communities Act, as amended by An Act relative to competitively priced electricity (ch. 209 of the Acts of 2012). The determination is available through our website pdf format of DOER determination Section 83A carve-out . The determination is based on DOER’s analysis of the criteria for eligibility laid out in Section 83A and on stakeholder input gathered in May 2013. The determination also provides information on the procedure leading to the release of a Request for Proposals by the Massachusetts distribution companies. These long term contracts will contribute to the further growth of renewable power generation in Massachusetts.

  • Federal and State Incentives for Businesses & Institutions

    Federal and state opportunities, such as tax credits, grants, and incentives, can help businesses and institutions fund energy efficiency and renewable energy installations that could improve their operations and decrease their costs in the long term.
  • Financing and Tax Incentives for Homeowners

    Homeowners that want to invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy systems can access a variety of resources to help defray their upfront costs and improve their return on investment. Find out more about the tax credits, loans, and mortgages that are available to help you.