All Massachusetts Retail Electricity Suppliers are required (per 225 CMR 14.09, 15.09, and 16.09) to submit Compliance Filings each year by July 1, which demonstrate that they met their Renewable and Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard (RPS & APS) obligations during the previous calendar year.

In turn, the Department of Energy Resources is required (per 225 CMR 14.10(2), 15.10(2), and 16.10(2)) to issue an Annual RPS & APS Compliance Report, which includes summarized information from the Annual Compliance Filings submitted by the Retail Electricity Suppliers.

RPS and APS Annual Compliance Reports

RPS & APS Compliance Year 2014 Report

RPS & APS Compliance Year 2013 Report

RPS & APS Compliance Year 2012 Report

RPS & APS Compliance Year 2011 Report 

RPS & APS Compliance Year 2010 Report

RPS & APS Compliance Year 2009 Report  pdf format of RPS and APS 2009 Annual Compliance Report DOER 203
(See correction page 3)

RPS Compliance Year 2008 Report pdf format of RPS Report - 2008

RPS Compliance Year 2007 Report pdf format of rps-2007annual-rpt.pdf
(See corrections on page 2)

RPS Compliance Year 2006 Report pdf format of rps-2006annual-rpt.pdf

RPS Compliance Year 2005 Report pdf format of rps-2005annual-rpt.pdf
(See correction on page 2)

RPS Compliance Year 2004 Report pdf format of rps-2004annual-rpt.pdf

RPS Compliance Year 2003 Report pdf format of rps-2003annual-rpt.pdf
(First annual report issued)


This information is provided by the Department of Energy Resources.