The Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (RPS) and Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard (APS) Regulations require each Massachusetts Retail Electricity Supplier's total annual sales of each Massachusetts Retail Electricity Product to include a minimum percentage of energy sales from these obligations:
  • RPS Class I (formerly "RPS")
  • RPS Class I Solar Carve-Out
  • RPS Class II Renewables
  • RPS Class II Waste Energy
  • APS

In order to demonstrate compliance with these requirements, each Retail Electricity Supplier must submit an Annual Compliance Filing to the Department of Energy Resources no later than July 1 of the subsequent Compliance Year. 

2014 RPS and APS Annual Compliance Filing Instructions pdf format of 2014-rps-aps-annual-compliance-filing instructions

2014 RPS & APS Compliance Workbook xlsx format of 2014-rps-aps-annual-compliance-workbook

2014 RPS/APS Compliance Filing Webinar

RPS Compliance Basis Guideline (5/24/12)  pdf format of RPS Compliance Basis Guideline (5/24/12)

Guideline on the RPS Class II and APS Compliance (5/25/10)  pdf format of Guideline-RPS Class II & APS Compliance-5/25/10)


Please direct comments or questions to: DOER.RPS@State.MA.US or 617-626-7355.

This information is provided by the Department of Energy Resources.