Through Rooftop Solar Challenge II, DOER has collaborated with the Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA) to put together two resources for the Massachusetts residential solar industry.

For condominium residents interested in pursuing solar PV, DOER has developed ‘A Solar Guide for Residents and Condominium Associations in Massachusetts’. This guide was developed in conjunction with the City of Cambridge through Rooftop Solar Challenge II and can be found here pdf format of DOER Condo Guide
file size 5MB

For residents interested in learning more about how to finance their solar PV systems, DOER has developed “A Massachusetts Homeowner’s Guide to Solar Leases, Loans, and PPAs” based on a Clean Energy States Alliance residential financing guide. The Massachusetts guide can be found here pdf format of MA Homeowners-Guide-to-Solar-Financing 2.3
file size 7MB.

The MassCEC (Massachusetts Clean Energy Center) has put together an updated Massachusetts Residential Guide To Solar Electricity to assist Massachusetts residents who are considering using solar energy to generate electricity to power their homes. This guide can help homeowners to determine whether solar electricity is right a good option, both technically and economically. It reviews the installation process and provides advice and resources on finding an installer and securing incentives, as well as other pertinent information about solar electricity.