Metering Requirements

All generation from qualified solar PV projects must be individually metered and reported. Per NEPOOL GIS rules, all projects must utilize a revenue grade meter from which generation data is to be reported and conform to the Small Generator Metering Protocol found in the NEPOOL GIS Operating Rules. Projects less than or equal to 10 kW DC can report production manually or automatically. Projects greater than 10 kW DC must be reported electronically and automatically through a Data Acquisition System (DAS).

Production Tracking System

Data Reporting

Each month, the system Owner or its agent must report all metered data to the Production Tracking System (PTS), maintained by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC). The reporting period for the PTS is open during the last five days of the reporting month through the first five days of the following month.

Owners or agents can report their data by logging into their assigned PTS accounts.

Penalty for Failure to Report: Owners or agents that do not report their metered data during the reporting period will forfeit their SRECs generated during the unreported period.


The PTS is the sole and required independent verifier for the RPS Solar Carve-Out program. The PTS will report all production data on a quarterly basis to the NEPOOL GIS for the purpose of generating SRECs. (Exception: Projects with their own Market Settlement System accounts on the NEPOOL GIS will report data directly to ISO New England.)

MassCEC maintains the right, but not the requirement, to audit any project's metering and reporting. MassCEC will execute specific protocols and algorithms to verify reported data and identify any out-of-bounds data. On-site project audits are triggered by PTS identification of out-of-bounds data or disputes by an Owner or aggregator.