As part of its first round U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative Rooftop Solar Challenge grant work, DOER hired Navigant Consulting to review a sample of existing local permitting processes and develop recommendations pdf format of Model Permitting and Structural Guidance
file size 1MB and structural review guidance pdf format of FAQ Prescriptive Process Stamped Signed 2-13-13.pdf
file size 4MB for small rooftop solar PV systems.

Permitting and Structural Review RSC II

Under RSC II, DOER is working with the state of Connecticut, an RSC partner, to compare and review each state’s model permitting documents. DOER has worked with the Department of Public Safety (DPS), the Board of State Examiners of Electricians (BSEE) , and the Board Fire Prevention Regulations (BFPR) to review and finalize Massachusetts model permitting guidance documents.

For building inspectors, DOER worked with DPS to develop a structural review guidance that provides a prescriptive process for structural approval of small PV systems. This guidance can be found here pdf format of FAQ Prescriptive Process Stamped Signed 2-13-13.pdf
file size 4MB .

For electrical inspectors and wiring officials, DOER coordinated with the BSEE and BFPR to create a model guidance document pdf format of Model Elec Install & Permitting for Solar PV Guidance
for electrical inspectors and wiring officials when permitting for solar PV. 

DOER worked to coordinate regional technical and safety training sessions for inspectors and installers on solar PV. These training sessions introduced the Massachusetts model permitting process to the building and electrical inspector community, and served as a platform for inspectors to gain more knowledge about solar PV. Inspectors received credits from either the DPS or BSEE for attending these training sessions. They had the opportunity to directly connect with solar installers who work in their jurisdictions.

Information on training dates and locations is available online pdf format of DOER Solar PV Permitting and Safety Trainings

The webinar hosted for this audience, together with the presentation pdf format of Solar PV Permitting and Safety Slides
file size 6MB given at each of the training sessions, is available on DOER's webinar page.