• Why Wind?

    An ambitious wind energy agenda, on land and offshore, is vital to meeting the Commonwealth's goals for a clean environment and a robust economy.
  • Wind Energy: Facts

    From potential energy generated, to the amount of carbon dioxide offset, to health concerns, this Q&A addresses important questions about wind energy.
  • Commonwealth Wind

    The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center's (MassCEC) Commonwealth Wind program offers incentives for commercial, community and micro wind projects that meet specified qualifications.
  • Distributed Generation (DG) and Interconnection

    If you install new technology or a system, such as solar panels, a wind turbine or CHP, to generate electricity on your site, there are resources to help you understand the process and connect to your energy provider.
  • Locating Wind Sites - Resources

    Choosing the right location for wind projects is a key factor to their success. Learn about potential sites through tools and resources, including the Massachusetts Geographic Information System Wind Viewer and findings from a study on wind energy potential on state-owned lands.
  • Offshore Wind

    Massachusetts is working to enable the development of wind energy projects from its abundant offshore winds.
  • Wind Energy Model Zoning By-Law

    Use our updated wind bylaw for assistance in establishing standards for wind power development.
  • Investigation into Best Practices for Wind Energy Siting

    Welcome to the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities’ homepage for the development of best practices for the siting of land-based wind energy facilities and our current investigation into this matter.