• Why Wind?

    An ambitious wind energy agenda, on land and offshore, is vital to meeting the Commonwealth's goals for a clean environment and a robust economy.
  • Wind Energy: Facts

    From potential energy generated, to the amount of carbon dioxide offset, to health concerns, this Q&A addresses important questions about wind energy.
  • Commonwealth Wind

    The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center's (MassCEC) Commonwealth Wind program offers incentives for commercial, community and micro wind projects that meet specified qualifications.
  • Distributed Generation (DG) and Interconnection

    If you install behind-the-meter distributed energy resources, such as solar panels, CHP, storage, or wind turbines to provide electricity on your site, the Massachusetts Interconnection and Distributed Generation Website has resources to help you understand the process to connect to your electric company. Information at the website includes Standards for Interconnection (Tariffs), Monthly DG Workshops, Utility Interconnection Time Frame Performance, the quarterly MA Technical Standards Review Group, and utility circuit data to aid low cost, high value site selection.
  • Locating Wind Sites - Resources

    Choosing the right location for wind projects is a key factor to their success. Learn about potential sites through tools and resources, including the Massachusetts Geographic Information System Wind Viewer and findings from a study on wind energy potential on state-owned lands.
  • Offshore Wind

    Massachusetts is working to enable the development of wind energy projects from its abundant offshore winds.
  • Wind Energy Model Zoning By-Law

    Use our updated wind bylaw for assistance in establishing standards for wind power development.
  • Investigation into Best Practices for Wind Energy Siting

    Welcome to the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities’ homepage for the development of best practices for the siting of land-based wind energy facilities and our current investigation into this matter.