Site Screening Tool

This online Wind Energy Site Screening Tool, created by the Massachusetts Graphic Information System (MassGIS), maps winds and provides information on important factors necessary to evaluate the potential for wind energy in different locations.


Study of Wind Energy Potential on State-Owned Lands and Facilities in Massachusetts

In February 2009, Navigant Consulting completed a report that analyzed the potential for renewable energy on state-owned lands and facilities, under contract with DOER. The report concluded that wind energy offers the most significant potential.

Commercial scale projects make up the majority of this potential, through 947 megawatts (MW) of potential in 44 locations, primarily in Berkshire and Barnstable Counties. These two counties have the greatest wind resources in Massachusetts. All commercial scale sites can be viewed with the MassGIS Wind Energy Site Screening Tool.

Index of Potential Wind Sites pdf format of index_state.pdf

Map of Potential Wind Sites pdf format of index_map_state.pdf

DOER Commissioner Phil Giudice and Department of Conservation & Recreation (DCR) Commissioner Rick Sullivan led two public listening sessions, under the direction of EEA Secretary Ian Bowles. These sessions were held in Bourne on June 17, 2009 and Pittsfield on June 24, 2009. Both sessions included presentations on wind power and siting issues and the opportunity for elected officials and public attendees to provide testimonies and feedback on the potential for wind energy development on state-owned lands.

DOER also collected comments from the public, which were due prior to July 17, 2009. 

DOER is currently reviewing the public's comments and conducting further research on sites, as necessary. More information will be provided once available.


This information is provided by the Department of Energy Resources.