Architectural Heritage Foundation  pdf format of Architectural Heritage Foundation

Architectural Heritage Foundation

The Architectural Heritage Foundation, in partnership with Historic New England and the Trustees of Reservations, undertook  deep energy retrofits at three historic properties in the Commonwealth: The Lyman Estate in Waltham, the Bullit Reservation in Conway/Ashfield, and the Appleton Farms Center for Agriculture and the Environment in Ipswich.  Each of these unique retrofits reduces energy consumption by at least 50% and is providing valuable information for future projects at older homes.


One of the most ambitious energy efficiency renovations in the country

This deep energy retrofit will include a super insulated white roof, interior air sealing, an insulated exterior shell to cover the outer brick walls, fiberglass casement windows, and high efficiency doors. In addition, four solar hot water systems, updated air conditioning units, energy efficient appliances, and CFL or LED lighting are also being installed. Overall, these installations will provide up to 10 times the insulation that is currently in place and will reduce overall energy consumption by 72% - much more than the 50% reduction of typical deep energy retrofits.

Chickatawbut Hill - Energy Smarts post 

The largest solar array in a Massachusetts state park Chickatawbut Hill Case Study  pdf format of Chickatawbut Hill Case Study
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Solar Panels at Chickatawbut Hill

The solar array will produce over 62,000 kWh a year in clean energy; enough electricity to power both the nearby Blue Hills Trailside Museum and the Norman Smith Environmental Education Center. Each year, the project will generate more than $18,000 in solar credit revenue and will reduce DCR's electric utility bill by $8,000. In addition, the Education Center will use the solar panels as a teaching tool to educate the community about renewable energy and its benefits. 

Hudson Public Library  pdf format of Hudson Public Library

Hudson Public Library

The Town of Hudson received funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 to replace old and leaky windows with new, historically appropriate, energy efficient windows.

Lawrence Community Works

Old Mill, New Purpose

Lawrence Community Works

Lawrence Community Works is a community-based development group that is working with local, state, and federal agencies, several business interests, and hundreds of community members to revitalize and repurpose a complex of 19th century textile mill buildings along the Merrimack River into housing and business space, now named Union Crossing.

Sutton's Simonian Center for Early Learning

Sutton Simonian Center

In Sutton, the Simonian Center for Early Learning’s roof was leaking so badly that administrators were forced to place buckets throughout the building each time it rained. Now, as a direct result of federal stimulus funds, the Center has an energy efficient roof that is also home to solar panels which are producing clean, renewable electricity.

United Teen Equality Center


The United Teen Equality Center (UTEC) in Lowell is a youth-led agency that blends a drop-in, safe-haven center with more structured workforce development and educational programming. UTEC’s renovation combines building envelope treatment with passive heating and cooling techniques, which will heat and cool the center with little to no support from mechanical systems, reducing energy consumption by a projected 68%.

This information is provided by the Department of Energy Resources.