ARRA Logo The Department of Energy Resources directed over $15 million from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 into groundbreaking energy efficiency renovations across Massachusetts through High Performance Building grants. From historic buildings to low-income residential apartment complexes, these energy efficiency projects are creating hundreds of jobs and helping those who struggle with energy utility bills. In addition, they are demonstrating innovative and replicable solutions to common energy efficiency issues in the Commonwealth, which will pave the way to savings beyond those offered by current programs.

At a Glance


Several of the projects selected for these grants are deep energy retrofits - comprehensive energy renovations that cut energy use in buildings by 50 percent. Other innovative energy efficiency projects are underway at a wide range of buildings, from a 100-year-old warehouse in Springfield, to a low income Boston apartment development, to historic buildings in multiple locations across the Commonwealth. Grants were also awarded to create rebate and outreach programs to encourage the adoption of super-efficient heating systems, increase the use of new technologies for heating and cooling, and to broaden participation in Mass Save® efficiency programs.


  • Over 2500 buildings will be affected.
  • Over 10 million square feet of residential and commercial space will be weatherized.
  • Over 500 Boilers will be replaced
  • Thousands of Massachusetts residents will benefit through rebate programs, improved living space, and community revitalization.
High-Performance Buildings Flyer
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ReBuild Western Massachusetts

Funds from the High Performance Building program are also being directed to help those impacted by the June 1 tornados to rebuild using energy efficiency practices and renewable energy technologies

Case Studies, News, and Blog Posts

Architectural Heritage Foundation - Deep Energy Retrofit

Owners of historic buildings in New England often struggle with energy utility bills. Find out how three Massachusetts projects in older buildings are reducing energy consumption by at least 50 percent through energy efficiency improvements.

Castle Square Apartments - Deep Energy Retrofit

One of the most ambitious energy efficiency renovations of its kind, renovations to Castle Square Apartments will result in a projected 72 percent energy savings for the 500-unit low income development.

United Teen Equality Center - Deep Energy Retrofit

This youth-led agency that blends a drop-in, safe-haven center with more structured workforce development and educational programming and is soon to be located in Lowell's first LEED Platinum certified building - the oldest in the country.


This information is provided by the Department of Energy Resources.