Energy Recovery Opportunities

Brownfields and Hazardous Waste Cleanup

Brown field grants

  • Program description: $100 million for competitive grants to evaluate and clean up former industrial and commercial sites. This funding will go directly from EPA to municipalities. Includes $5million for job training grants.
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Leaking underground storage tank clean up grants

  • Program description: $200 million for cleanup of petroleum leaks from underground storage tanks. EPA Region 1 estimates that the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection will get $3.2 million for cleanup of abandoned tanks.
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Superfund hazardous waste cleanup grants

  • Program description: $600 million for the cleanup of hazardous sites. The funding will be spent directly on listed sites by EPA through their contractors.
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Clean Water

Clean water and drinking water state revolving fund

  • Program description: $4 billion for low interest loans and grants to help communities with water quality and wastewater infrastructure needs and $2 billion for drinking water infrastructure needs. Twenty percent of the funding will be targeted toward green infrastructure including energy efficiency improvements. Clean Water: $4 billion nationally, $134 million for Massachusetts for wastewater treatment systems. Drinking Water: $2 billion nationally, $52 million available for Massachusetts for drinking water infrastructure .
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Clean Water Act funds

  • Program description: $753,606 for grants to help communities fund water quality assessment and management planning projects. Eligible entities include regional planning agencies, councils of governments, conservation districts, counties, cities and towns and other public and interstate planning agencies.
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Rural water and waste disposal grants and loans

  • Program description: $1.38 billion to support $3.8 billion in grants and loans to help communities fund drinking water and wastewater treatment systems. $2.8 billion is for direct loans and $968 million for grants.
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Habitat Restoration

Costal habitat restoration

  • Program description: $170 million for habitat restoration in coastal areas including the Great Lakes. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is accepting applications for a variety of habitat restoration projects including wetlands restoration, dam removals, and shellfish restoration. Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game, Division of Marine Fisheries, the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management, and Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation will be submitting applications. Typical investments by NOAA are expected to range between $1.5 million to $10 million per project.
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Rural communities facilities program

  • Program description: Community infrastructure toward support of enhanced utilization, storage and economic development associated with agricultural, forestry and fisheries development.
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Rural business program

  • Program description: Agricultural Innovation Center; Farm Linked Loan Program, Agricultural Environmental Enhancement Program; Accelerated Conservation Planning Partnership.
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National Park facilities constructions grants

  • Program description: The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation is pursuing $12.5 million funding for the Georges Island Pier Project from the $589 million made available for Nation Park Service facility construction projects.
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Highway infrastructure investment

  • Program description: The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation has identified priority parkway and bridge projects for funding.

Wildfire Management

Wildfire Management Prevention and Suppression Program

  • Program description: Under the U.S. Forest Service distance learning and broadband program, the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation would get funding for state and local wild fire prevention and suppression activities.
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Wildland Fire Management Program

  • Program description: $500 million for Wildland Fire Management which includes $250 million for hazardous fuels removal and other efforts to prevent wildfires on public lands. The remaining $250 million would go to state grants for hazardous fuels reduction, volunteer fire assistance, forest health projects, city forest enhancements, and wood to energy grants on state and private lands.
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