Relevant Regulations-Procedural Rules



220 CMR 1.01 pdf format of 220-cmr-101.pdf

Scope and Construction

220 CMR 1.02 pdf format of 220-cmr-102.pdf

General Provisions

220 CMR 1.03 pdf format of 220-cmr-103.pdf

Intervention and Participation

220 CMR 1.04 pdf format of 220-cmr-104.pdf


220 CMR 1.05 pdf format of 220-cmr-105.pdf


220 CMR 1.06 pdf format of 220-cmr-106.pdf

Department Process

220 CMR 1.07 pdf format of 220-cmr-107.pdf

Quorum, Tentative Decisions

220 CMR 1.08 pdf format of 220-cmr-108.pdf

Recessing Hearing for Conference

220 CMR 1.09 pdf format of 220-cmr-109.pdf

Proceeding Consolidation

220 CMR 1.10 pdf format of 220-cmr-110.pdf


220 CMR 1.11 pdf format of 220-cmr-111.pdf

Rulings, Briefs, Oral Argument and Post-Hearing Procedure

220 CMR 1.12 pdf format of 220-cmr-112.pdf


220 CMR 1.13 pdf format of 220-cmr-113.pdf

Appeal from Department Decisions

220 CMR 1.14 pdf format of 220-cmr-114.pdf


220 CMR 1.15 pdf format of 220-cmr-115.pdf


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