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Agricultural Preservation Restriction (APR) Program
Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 132A, Section 11A



Application must include all owner(s) of record – after printing add additional sheet if needed.

First Owner's Name:
Additional Owner's Name:
Additional Owner's Name:
Additional Owner's Name:
Additional Owner's Name:

Farm Name/Corporation/Trust:

Mailing Address:

City or Town State Zip Code

Primary Contact for Project



Email address

Proposed APR property physical location (if different from above)

Street Address of proposed APR property

Registry of Deeds information

Book Page
Book Page
(Attach copies of the deed(s) or list accurate Registry information below - be sure this includes all of the proposed APR parcel(s))

Assessor’s Information – be sure to include all of the proposed APR parcel(s)

Map: Parcel
Map: Parcel
Map: Parcel

Easements on the Land (e.g.: Utilities, Sewer, Neighbor Access, Existing Restrictions)

List by type and holder, if there are no easements reply "none:"

Agriculture on the Land – You MUST enclose a copy of the NRCS APR Soils Report for this land as prepared for an APR application. Your Regional NRCS office does this for no cost.

1) Describe the current use of the land. Include acres and approximate yields of the various crops, numbers and types of livestock, forest products, specialty crops, greenhouses etc.. Include how the land was farmed in the past if helpful in determining land capability:

2) What is the gross income generated by the farm? $

3) How many people (including yourself) are employed on this farm?

Full Time:

Part Time:

4) Complete the table below for the entire farm under Applicant ownership, separating out the acreage to be included in the APR if less.

Land Type Total Farm Acreage Owned Acreage Proposed for APR
Actively Tilled Cropland
Open Pasture
Permanent Greenhouses (with foundation/ paved floor - square feet
Nursery/ Orchard
Sod (may not be eligible)
Land occupied by Farm Buildings within APR
Ponds/ Wetland

5) Is a residence(s) currently located on the same deed as the land proposed by APR?

(If Yes, prior to closing on the APR, this dwelling(s) will need to be excluded from the APR along with a lot(s) that conform to local zoning – MDAR will work with the Applicant on this)

6) Describe the acreage and types of farmland that you rent FROM others:

7) Describe the acreage and type of any farmland that you own that is rented TO others:

8) Indicate how many acres (if any) of your land that is included in the following Farmland Assessment programs:

Chapter 61 , Chapter 61A , or Chapter 61B

9) Describe the primary reasons for your decision to apply for an APR on your farmland:

Legal Encumbrances and Compensation Expectations

1) We will need to work with you on Title matters before we can close. To get a sense of what is required, please list any financial liens or encumbrances on the land included in this application (such as mortgages, secured lines of credit, operating loans etc.) and the current amount owed on each:

2) MDAR cannot pay more than the appraised value of the APR, further limited by any applicable spending cap. If you have a minimum price for the Restriction, below which you will not consider an APR, please list it here: $ . Otherwise, leave this blank and we will share appraised numbers for discussion when available.


By signing this application and having it notarized, applicant(s) affirms that he/she/they has the full authority to complete an APR on this property if the terms are acceptable to the Applicant(s) and the Commonwealth, and that all required signatures are included below. Applicant(s) also acknowledges that the property will be field inspected by APR staff, additional public information about the parcel(s) will be gathered, the municipality where the land is located will be notified of the application, and that a subsequent Vote of Consideration by the MDAR Agricultural Lands Preservation Committee (ALPC) will result in further information being provided to an Appraiser and to the USDA/Farm and Ranchlands Protection Program to determine final eligibility.

Print name next to signatures below. All Owners must sign this application, attach an additional sheets if needed.

Type or Print Name Signature

Notary Public Certification


On this __________ day of _______________, 20___, before me, the undersigned Notary Public, personally appeared the above-named __________________________________
who each proved to me through satisfactory means of identification to be the person whose name is signed on this document and acknowledged to me that it was signed voluntarily for its stated purpose.

___________________________, Notary Public My Commission Expires:_________

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