• First Time Registration of a Boat, Off-Highway Vehicle or Snowmobile

    If you are registering a boat, off-highway vehicle, or snowmobile for the first time, check here for the documentation that you need to bring to the Registration Office.

  • Online Registration Renewal

    Renew your motorboat, snowmobile, or recreation vehicle registration online

    Please note: In an effort to avoid raising registration fees overall, there is a $3.00 system maintenance fee charged for all registration related transactions processed online.  If you wish to avoid paying this fee, you can mail or walk in your application and required documents to one of our registration offices for processing.  Please enclose, with your application, a check or money order, payable to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

    Also, please be aware--if you wish to renew or duplicate an existing motorboat, snowmobile, or recreation vehicle registration, you should already be on our customer list. Please follow the instructions for an Existing Customer once you enter the site. You will be asked to provide your customer ID or your last name, date-of-birth, and city/zip code.

  • Environmental Justice Policy

    The Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) established an Environmental Justice Policy to help address the disproportionate share of environmental burdens experienced by lower-income people and communities of color who, at the same time, often lack environmental assets in their neighborhoods.
  • MEPA

    Through the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) office, the Secretary conducts environmental impact reviews of certain projects requiring state agency action. Agency actions include granting state permits or licenses, providing state financial assistance, or transferring state land.