• OTA Events

    OTA regularly hosts or co-sponsors conferences and workshops on regulatory requirements, new and proven pollution prevention technologies for specific industry sectors, or technology transfer seminars/demonstration events, as a way to share a technology that would make a profound contribution for a specific industry or process.
  • STAR® (Spray Technique Analysis & Research) Program

    The STAR training center offers training for automotive technicians, industrial painters, and students studying to become spray technicians. The participants gain experience, through individual, hands-on training using a laser guided spray gun.
  • OTA Publications

    The Office of Technical Assistance and Technology (OTA) develops publications to provide information on regulatory updates, new technologies, energy efficiency, water conservation, and resource conservation. These publications include: case studies, fact sheets, guidance documents, technical reports and a newsletter.
  • OTA Software and Tools

    OTA has developed a number of software applications that can help facilities monitor operations, improve efficiency, reduce waste and comply with particular reporting requirements. Copies of this software are available for download.
  • Technical Assistance Related Links

  • Information Archives

    Through its education, outreach and other efforts, the Office of Technical Assistance and Technology (OTA) promotes toxics use reduction and resource conservation. As a complement to the on-site technical support it provides business, OTA sponsors workshops and conferences; recruits businesses using innovative technology to host demonstration site events; coordinates partnerships between schools and businesses to encourage the safe handling of chemicals in schools; supports a training center for industrial painters to help them reduce pollution and paint waste; develops resource tracking software tools; and publishes advisory and guidance publications, newsletters, and case studies.