OHV Safety Certificate Course

Operators under 18 years of age must take the OHV Safety and Responsibility Course to legally operate in Massachusetts.  Visit our OHV Safety Training page to learn more.

Off-Highway Vehicle and Snowmobile Law Update Brochure links to PDF file

Legislation signed in August of 2010 (Chap. 202 of the Acts of 2010) brings significant changes to Massachusetts Recreation Vehicle Laws.

Massachusetts Environmental Police Recreation Vehicle Accident Report  pdf format of Recreation Vehicle Accident Report

In accordance with Chapter 90B, Section 27:  The operator or owner of a snow vehicle or a recreation vehicle involved in a collision, accident or other such casualty resulting in death or injury to a person or damage to property in excess of $50 shall notify a law enforcement officer immediately and file a report of the incident with the division within 48 hours on forms prescribed by the director.