Q: Am I required to register my off-highway vehicle or snowmobile?

A: State law requires the registration of any off-highway vehicle or snowmobile in accordance with the provisions of the law (Chapter90B).

Q: Where can we ride trail bikes and four-wheelers in the state of Massachusetts?

A: For information on trails in the state of Massachusetts please contact the Department of Conservation and Recreation .

Q: If I purchase a go-cart, does this cart have to be registered?

A: Yes, if the vehicle will be used off-road.

Q: Is my Massachusetts OHV/Snowmobile registration valid in other states?

A: Your Massachusetts OHV or snowmobile registration is only valid in Massachusetts. You must register in any other state you decide to ride in.

Q: Do I have to carry my registration with me while riding?

A: Yes. Your registration card must be carried while riding your OHV or snowmobile. The card should be on your person or in the vehicle and shown upon demand to a law enforcement officer.