On October 22, 2008 Colonel Aaron Gross was sworn in to take the helm of the Massachusetts Environmental Police. With many of Massachusetts’ top law enforcement administrators in attendance Governor Patrick gave the oath to Colonel Gross before family, friends and members of the Massachusetts Environmental Police.

Colonel Gross is committed to protecting the environment and the resources of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

“It is my pledge to the people in the great state of Massachusetts to protect and ensure that nature is kept at its best for my children, your children and their children; so that they will be able to enjoy the wonders of nature as God has blessed it to be throughout time.”

Colonel Gross comes to the Environmental Police as a career law enforcement officer with experience in local, state and federal levels.

Colonel Gross began his law enforcement career in 1974 joining the Boston Police Department. He served the City of Boston with distinction working as a Community Service Officer and helping to establish over three hundred Crime Watch Groups throughout the city and surrounding communities. Colonel Gross earned the rank of Detective working in various units such as, Domestic Violence and Spousal Abuse, Boston Police Drug Control Unit, Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Bureau.

In 1988 Colonel Gross was assigned to the US Drug Enforcement Agency as the Boston Police Liaison and was deputized as a Task Force Agent. In 1989 Colonel Gross was assigned to the Asset Forfeiture Unit associated with drug and money laundering cases resulting in the seizure of over 14 million dollars.

In 1995 Colonel Gross held the title of Sergeant Detective while assigned by the Boston Police Department as the Commander of their Sex Offenders Unit. Colonel Gross is a U.S. Army veteran and held the rank of Sergeant First Class earning the Vietnam Service Medal, three Purple Hearts and the Vietnam Campaign Medal.

Colonel Gross is married and the proud father of three children.