Reimbursement funding for preparation of real property appraisals, Open Space & Recreation Plans (OSRPs), other planning in support of land conservation, and/or development of Open Space Residential Design (OSD)/Natural Resources Protection Zoning (NRPZ) bylaws.   Available to all communities with a population of 6,000 people or fewer. Funding is non-competitive; all eligible applicants will receive contracts on a rolling basis until all available funding is allocated. Participants must have an executed state contract prior to commencing work. To receive funding, the town must also submit a complete and eligible application to any of the following DCS grant programs in FY16 LAND, PARC, Drinking Water Supply Protection (DWSP), Landscape Partnership, Land & Water Conservation Fund, or Off-Highway Vehicles Riding Area, or commit to hold an interest on a property that is the subject of an FY16 application to the Conservation Partnership grant submitted by an eligible non-profit, except, towns may receive funding for preparation of an OSRP if the they also develop OSD/NRPZ bylaws. The town must submit a complete and eligible FY16 DCS grant application for the property appraised through this grant to receive reimbursement for an appraisal. Reimbursement under this grant is not contingent upon the town's application to another DCS grant program being selected for funding.

 Maximum Award Amount:      Appraisal:                         $3,000
                                                 OSRP:                             $8,000
                                                 OSD/NRPZ development:  $8,000
                                                 Other plans:                     $5,000
Reimbursement Rate: 80%.
Application Deadline:  No active grant round.


Emmanuel Owusu
(617) 626-1187

This information is provided by the Division of Conservation Services.