• If you value water resources in Massachusetts show your support by ordering a Specialty “Preserve the Trust” License Plate

    The “Preserve the Trust” license plates are the only specialty plates sold in Massachusetts that exclusively fund environmental programs. The Right Whale & Roseate Terns, the Leaping Brook Trout, and the Blackstone Valley Mill plates represent the diversity of Massachusetts ecosystems, from the coasts and estuaries to the inland streams to the urban rivers.

    With the proceeds from the sale of each environmental license plate, the Trust supports the work of nonprofit organizations, municipalities and educational institutions to restore and protect the ecosystems of the state's more than 10,000 miles of rivers and streams, 1,638 ponds and lakes, 1,519 miles of coastline, 48,000 acres of salt marsh, over 40,000 acres of tidal flats and estuaries, ocean resources, and 27 watersheds. 

  • Ordering a plate is as easy as a few clicks!

    Join over 50,000 fellow motorists and order a “Preserve the Trust” specialty plate. Just go to https://secure.rmv.state.ma.us/SpecialPlates/intro.aspx, follow the prompts and choose from one of the three plates above: “Blackstone Valley”, “Right Whale” or “Fish and Wildlife”.  The whole process can be easily completed online in just a few minutes. Your plates will be sent to your home. There is no need to visit the RMV branch to buy your plates!
    For less than $2 per month, your “Preserve the Trust” plate will support the MET and organizations all over the Commonwealth working to protect our waterways and coastal ecosystems. By choosing to support the MET through the purchase of a license plate, you not only help "Preserve the Trust" but you also help spread the word when you are on the road!  The cost of a new "Preserve the Trust" environmental specialty plate is $40 in addition to RMV registration fees. At initial purchase, $28 is a tax deductible contribution that goes directly to the Massachusetts Environmental Trust to support environmental programs/projects with a focus on water and water-related issues. The remaining $12 is a one-time only fee to cover the manufacturing expense of the plate.
  • Choose from three “Preserve the Trust” plates:

  • Right Whale & Roseate Terns Plate

    Whale Plate
    The first and most popular plate, offered since 1994, features the fluke of a northern right whale and two roseate terns. The North Atlantic Right Whale is the state marine mammal and the world's most endangered large whale. Roseate terns are native to Massachusetts and also endangered. Both of these animals are federally recognized endangered species and are dependent upon healthy Massachusetts ecosystems for their survival.
  • Leaping Brook Trout Plate

    fish plate
    This second plate was introduced in 1998. The waterways of central and western Massachusetts are represented by the image of a brook trout. A native to the state's western streams, this popular game fish serves as a symbol of both the pristine water in which the fish thrives, and the recreational benefits of a healthy environment.
  • Blackstone Valley Mill Plate

    Mill Plate
    The Blackstone Valley, running through the central part of the state, is the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution. Offered since 1999, the Blackstone Valley Mill Plate reminds us our environmental focus must include more than whales and habitat protection. This plate highlights the need to restore our urban rivers and streams to enhance their ecology and improve the health of riverfront communities.
  • Renew an Existing Plate

    Renew your plate every two years and the entire $40 goes to the Trust and is tax deductible. (This is in addition to the standard registration fee the Registry of Motor Vehicles collects at the time of renewal.) The plates are available at your local Registry of Motor Vehicles or you can renew an existing plate online.