Accessing Requests for Responses on COMMBUYS

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has implemented a new procurement system to replace CommPASS. The new COMMBUYS system is now the repository for state procurements and grant documents.  The Massachusetts Environmental Trust will post any future RFRs to this site. Prior RFRs from the Trust have been moved from CommPASS to COMMBUYS for your information.  

To access the RFRs directly,

  1. Go to
  2. Select the "Contract and Bid Search" link
  3. Select the “Bids” radio button
  4. Enter “Environmental Trust” in the “Bid Description” search field
  5. Select the “Find it” button
  6. Numerous past RFRs will be visible. The most recent is the FY15 General Grants
  7. Select the link to access documents for that RFR. Documents are listed in the “File Attachments”.


This information is provided by the Massachusetts Environmental Trust.