Massachusetts is one of the lead states participating in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), the nation's first market-based, regulatory program to cap and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from large fossil-fueled power plants. 

Auction Proceeds

Based on the Green Communities Act of 2008, the Department of Energy Resources (DOER) has directed the vast majority of the Commonwealth’s RGGI proceeds into the state’s nation-leading energy efficiency programs delivered statewide by the state’s utilities and energy efficiency service providers through Mass Save®, and the Green Communities Designation and Grant Program for cities and towns. These programs and initiatives are fueling a cleaner energy future for the Commonwealth.

Massachusetts has received over  $450,262,168.49 since 2008.

Massachusetts Most Recent Auction Proceeds - RGGI Auction

June 20172,515,574$2.53$6,364,402.22Auction 36
March 20172,515,574$3.00$7,546,722.00Auction 35
December 20162,554,597$3.55$9,068,819.35Auction 34
September 20162,554,596$4.54$11,597,865.84Auction 33
June 20162,554,596$4.53$11,572,319.88Auction 32
March 20162,554,596$5.25$13,411,629.00Auction 31
December 20152,641,691$7.50$19,812,682.50Auction 30
September 20154,255,600 (including CCR)$6.02$25,619,073.20Auction 29
June 20152,641,692$5.50$14,529,306Auction 28
March 20152,641,692$5.41$14,291,553.72Auction 27
December 20143,159,468$5.21$16,462,391.28Auction 26
September 20143,159,768$4.88$15,419,667.84Auction 25
June 20143,159,769$5.02$15,862,040.38Auction 24
March 20143,966,753* (including CCR)$4.00$15,867,012Auction 23
December 20136,331,798$3.00 $18,995,394.00 Auction 22
September 20136,331,798$2.67$16,905,900.66Auction 21
June 20136,331,798$3.21$20,325,071.58Auction 20
March 20136,331,798$2.80$17,729,034.40Auction 19

* 2014 program changes included the creation of a Cost Containment Reserve (CCR) of allowances that are only available for sale if CO2 allowance prices exceed certain price thresholds: $4 in 2014, $6 in 2015, $8 in 2016, and $10 in 2017, rising 2.5% each year thereafter.


For more information on the programs supported by RGGI proceeds and on Massachusetts' commitment to clean energy, please review the following documents.

 Auction proceeds from 2008-2012 are available here pdf format of Massachusetts RGGI Auction Results 2008-2012

This information is provided by the Department of Energy Resources.