Department of Public Utilities Telephone Directory

Administration Division617-305-3500
Administration FAX617-345-9101
Business Office617-305-3636
Commission FAX617-345-9102
Consumer Complaints1 877-886-5066
Consumer Complaints617-737-2836
Consumer Division FAX617-305-3742
MIS Division617-305-3555
Electric Power Division617-305-3575
Electric Power FAX617-443-1117
Gas Division617-305-3545
Gas Division FAX617-478-2587
Legal Division617-305-3690
Legal Division FAX617-345-9103
Pipeline Division617-305-3537
Pipeline Division FAX617-478-2589
Rates and Revenue Division617-305-3565
Rates and Revenue FAX617-443-1117
Siting Division617-305-3525
Siting FAX617-443-1116
Transportation Division617-305-3559
Transportation FAX617-478-2598



One South Station
Boston, MA 02110


This information is provided by the Department of Public Utilities