I need to permit an additional truck/bus. How do I do that?

The Division recommends that you handle the transaction through the mail. You may call our office at [617] 305-3559 and request that an application be mailed out or you may obtain an application from our web page. Make sure you fill it in completely, have your insurance company validate current insurance and return with the proper fee.

How often do I have to renew my vehicle permits?

Passenger Carriers must renew their permits by September 30 of each year. Property Carriers by December 31. In each case - preprinted renewals will be mailed out prior to the expiration date of the current year permits.

Can I pay for licenses/permits on line?

Not at this time but the Division is working towards that capability. The Division will accept personal/company checks and money orders with the exception of the UCR program for interstate carriers which currently requires guaranteed funds. Please note that you may register for the UCR program on line at www.ucr.in.gov

Can I come into the office to speak with someone or obtain copies?

Yes, you may - during the hours of 8:45am - 5:00pm, Monday - Friday, but no permits/licenses will be issued at that time - they will be mailed out to the address on the application. The traffic conditions and parking situation in the South Station area are quite congested. The Division recommends that you make use of public transportation, and the MBTA Redline stops at South Station.

How can I find out who is applying for operating authority?

The quickest way is to check our current hearing list on the Division's web page. You may also request in writing that your name be placed on our monthly mailing list.

I have not received my license/permit or something is wrong with it. To whom do I speak?

Please contact our Division at (617) 305-3559 so that you may be directed to the proper representative, who will assist you.

How do I schedule a CDL road test for a passenger endorsement or vehicle inspection for my bus?

Each company/area has an assigned inspector. You may contact our office at (617) 305-3559 to be put in contact with the inspector in your area, who will then make the appointment with you directly.

What happens when a carrier moves the business to a new address or changes its mailing address?

The carrier must send written notice to the Division for the change of address to ensure delivery of all applications and paperwork.

How do I become a for-hire (obtain operating authority) carrier operating within Massachusetts?

Massachusetts only regulates certain for-hire transportation companies within the state: those passenger carriers that perform regular route scheduled service; sightseeing service over regular routes; or charter service which uses vehicles transporting nine (9) passengers or more; and those property carriers that transport residential household goods, hazardous waste materials, or tow motor vehicles without the consent of the vehicle's owner. Those carriers can request or download the Division's application for transporting passengers or property for-hire which should then be filed with the Division along with the proper fee. Upon receipt, the carrier will be scheduled for a public hearing, which is held monthly, in our Boston office. For further information, please contact the Division at (617) 305-3559.


This information is provided by the Department of Public Utilities