Can I check the license status of a mover?

Yes, the Department licenses moving companies who transport household goods within Massachusetts. We can provide information concerning their license, insurance and complaint history, if any. Carrier look-up

Do you license moving companies that travel between states?

No, we only regulate "intrastate" moves that are within the Commonwealth. Moves from one state to another are known as 'interstate' moves. These are regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration . The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's toll-free information line is (800) 832-5660, and its toll-free Household Goods Consumer Complaint Hotline is (888) 368-7328.

Do you license storage companies?

No, they are licensed by the Department of Public Safety; the telephone number is (617) 727-3200.

What is my best protection from overcharging on a household good move?

The best protection is a written estimate.

What is the maximum rate for towing?

The maximum charge for involuntary towing of motor vehicles by police order or for trespass on private property is set forth in 220 C.M.R. § 272.00. Currently, the maximum rate for police-ordered or involuntary towing (from private property) is $90.00 for towing. The storage rate for non-commercial motor vehicles is set forth in G.L. c. 159, § 6B. Currently, the rate is $35.00 per 24-hour period for storage. Additional charges may be assessed if additional labor is needed. The Department does not regulate towing requested by a vehicle owner.

This information is provided by the Department of Public Utilities