Below is a listing of the Transportation Division's staff. Although transportation questions may be addressed to any staff member, next to each name are the areas for which that person is responsible within the Division.

Phone: 617-305-3559



Brian Cristy - Director Transportation Oversight Division

Transportation Oversight Division

Elizabeth Leaman - Assistant Director Transportation Oversight Division

Bill Barry - Bus Inspector (Field Staff)

Stephen Boleyn - Bus Inspector (Field Staff)

Jennifer Cargill – Division Counsel

Diane Cohane - School Bus Driver Licensing (RMV Liaison)

Pamela Connors - Bus Inspector (Field Staff)

Linsey M. Donisi – School Bus Driver Licensing (RMV Liaison)

Dave DiLauro – Bus Inspector (Field Staff)

Cheryl Gard – Bus Inspector (Field Staff)

Cheryl Harris - Cashier (All Cashier Inquiries, Interstate Carrier Filings)

Susan Hibbert - Bus Inspector (Field Staff)

Sylvia Inglese - Administrative Assistant (UCR Audit Program)

Wayne Lawson - Bus Inspector (Field Staff)

Barbara McTaggart - MIS-Data Entry (Motor Bus Driver Certificates, Bus/Truck Decals/Insurance)

Ingar Moir - Administrative Assistant (General Inquiries, Project Coordination)

Dyann Prouty - Bus Inspector (Field Staff)

Jeffrey Scales – Bus Inspector (Field Staff)


Scott Andrews - Assistant Director MBTA State Safety Oversight

Michael Brock - Transit Engineer

Kenneth Gordon - Transit Engineer

Ivana Limlengco - Transit Analyst

Paul Roman - Transit Analyst



This information is provided by the Department of Public Utilities