• On-Site Assistance

    OTA has made more than 3,600 site visits to about 1,800 Massachusetts facilities. Not only has OTA provided technical and compliance assistance on a large scale, but we are frequently invited back to solve new problems.

  • Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Services

    Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Services
    OTA greatly expanded the energy services it provides industry in response to the Toxics Use Reduction Act (TURA) amendments of 2006, which allow TURA filers to address energy use in toxics use reduction planning. To help Massachusetts businesses address energy challenges, Commonwealth Energy Resource Teams (CERTs) have been formed as a one-stop resource. OTA has been designated the lead agency for the manufacturing sector.
  • OTA Water Conservation Services

    OTA Water Conservation Services
    In accordance with EOEEA's goals, the Office of Technical Assistance (OTA) offers a range of assistance and information to help facilities improve water use efficiency, comply with federal and state regulations, reduce wastewater discharge and implement other effective water conservation measures. These services include site visits to facilities by OTA staff, workshops designed for facilities and for municipalities, and publications such as a list of best management practices for industries and case studies, which highlight successful water conservation attempts by industry.
  • Support for Emerging, High-Growth Industries

    Support for Emerging, High-Growth Industries

    To address Massachusetts' changing business profile, the Office of Technical Assistance and Technology (OTA) has expanded its focus to serve high-growth life sciences, renewable energy and other burgeoning industries critical to the state's economic future. OTA's engineers and scientists offer a unique combination of scientific, engineering and business expertise related to toxics use prevention and reduction, pollution prevention, and energy and water conservation. Through its Right From the Start Program, for example, OTA can provide businesses locating in or expanding their local presence with technical and regulatory support that maximizes environmental compliance and economic competitiveness.

  • Fostering Innovation in Established Industries

    Fostering Innovation in Established Industries

    OTA's work with emerging companies evolved, in part, from its traditional role in providing toxics use reduction expertise to well-established Massachusetts businesses. Assisting those clients to adopt innovative technology has been a notable aspect of OTA's work. Over the years, for example, the office has supported research on pollution prevention, energy efficiency or water conservation and other issues for which there is no known or readily apparent commercially available solution. OTA staff worked with companies to develop these issues into potential research projects for proposal to OTA's academic partners, including the four UMass research centers, for funding consideration. OTA has leveraged more than $2.5 million of public funding to support technology development or demonstration projects to benefit Massachusetts manufacturers.

  • Right from the Start: Pre-Permit Assistance

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