The on-site assistance program of the Office of Technical Assistance and Technology (OTA) has long been driven by the premise that preventing pollution makes good business sense because it offers an immediate payback and often does not affect overhead or require a capital expenditure. Although many Massachusetts manufacturers already have incorporated the prevention concept into their environmental management systems and corporate sustainability initiatives, they now seek additional operational savings from resource conservation. Today, as OTA continues to be called on-site to impart its expertise in toxics use prevention and reduction, we are increasingly engaged in efforts to improve process efficiency, to ensure environmental compliance and to reduce use of energy, water, and raw materials.

OTA tackles issues relating to: air emissions compliance, chemicals usage, hazardous waste management, energy efficiency, water conservation, wastewater management, plant operations and maintenance, and record keeping. All services are offered on a confidential, non-regulatory basis and provided at no charge to the facility.


OTA has made more than 3,600 site visits to about 1,800 Massachusetts facilities. Not only has OTA provided technical and compliance assistance on a large scale, but we are frequently invited back to solve new problems.

In the past, Massachusetts businesses relied on internal resources or outside consultants to meet regulatory obligations or to implement process improvements. Today, Massachusetts manufacturers can draw on OTA for a third-party assessment of the efficiency of their manufacturing facilities. Based on a site visit, OTA recommends how to lower the costs and risks associated with toxics use, how to enhance regulatory compliance, and how to launch strategies to conserve energy, water and other resources.

About the Visits

OTA staff members make a point to develop relationships with businesses in their industry sector. This one-on-one personal interaction is important in expediting the implementation of facility improvements. Upon request, an OTA team will visit your facility, review your operations, identify possible process improvements and viable pollution prevention or resource conservation opportunities, and formalize its recommendations in a written report.



Who can request a visit?

OTA provides all of its services, including on-site technical assistance free-of-charge to all Massachusetts facilities where toxics are used, stored, or manufactured, or where hazardous byproducts are generated, or where energy efficiency or water conservation opportunities exist.

Based on the nature of the facility's operations, OTA will assemble a technical assistance team.

Telephone Assistance

In addition to visiting facilities, OTA's team of engineers also can provide assistance over the telephone. This assistance includes fielding questions on regulatory concerns, technical issues and requests for information about OTA, toxics use reduction and resource conservation.

To request a site visit, please contact Rich Bizzozero at (617) 626-1080 or call the OTA main number at (617) 626-1060. 


This information is provided by the Office of Technical Assistance and Technology