• OTA Events

    OTA regularly hosts or co-sponsors conferences and workshops on regulatory requirements, new and proven pollution prevention technologies for specific industry sectors, or technology transfer seminars/demonstration events, as a way to share a technology that would make a profound contribution for a specific industry or process.
  • Massachusetts Clean Auto Repair (MassCAR) Program

    The Massachusetts Office of Technical Assistance (OTA) created the Massachusetts Clean Auto Repair (MassCAR) Program to provide environmental training and resources for auto body and repair shops.  The program is designed to help you understand and achieve compliance with environmental, health and safety (EHS) requirements and learn about and implement pollution prevention and other best management practices.

  • Publications

    The Office of Technical Assistance and Technology (OTA) develops publications to provide information on regulatory updates, new technologies, energy efficiency, water conservation, and resource conservation. These publications include: case studies, fact sheets, guidance documents, technical reports and a newsletter.
  • OTA Software and Tools

    OTA has developed a number of software applications that can help facilities monitor operations, improve efficiency, reduce waste and comply with particular reporting requirements. Copies of this software are available for download.
  • Technical Assistance Related Links

  • Information Archives

    Through its education, outreach and other efforts, the Office of Technical Assistance and Technology (OTA) promotes toxics use reduction and resource conservation. As a complement to the on-site technical support it provides business, OTA sponsors workshops and conferences; recruits businesses using innovative technology to host demonstration site events; coordinates partnerships between schools and businesses to encourage the safe handling of chemicals in schools; supports a training center for industrial painters to help them reduce pollution and paint waste; develops resource tracking software tools; and publishes advisory and guidance publications, newsletters, and case studies.